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Recommended Reading

Dennett, D. (1992). Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Penguin Books, London UK

Dennett introduces a number of seminal ideas and metaphors from the cranes of culture and Gregorian creatures to the origins of morality. This is a must read for any evolutionary scholar.
Durham, W. (1991). CoEvolution: Genes, Culture and Human Diversity. Stanford University Press

Durham put forward the idea of genetic and cultural evolution being two distinct but interacting systems of information inheritance within human populations. He developed a number of detailed case studies to illustrate this co-evolutionary process.
Richerson, P. and Boyd, R. (2005). Not by Genes Alone: How Culture Transformed Human Evolution. Chicago: The University of Chicago

Detailed and compelling development of a theory of cultural evolution. The text is rich with examples and accessible to any audience.
Cavalli-Sforza, L. (2001). Genes, Peoples and Languages. London: Penguin Books

Fascinating piece on the co-evolutionary paths taken by our genetic, cultural and linguistic evolution.
Mesoudi, A. (2011). Cultural Evolution: How Darwinian Theory can Explain Human Culture and Synthesize the Social Sciences. Chicago, Il: University of Chicago Press

Mesoudi provides an up-to-date account of research across a range of disciplines on cultural evolution, from archaeology, anthropology and linguistics to evolutionary economics and the social sciences. This is a good text for those new to the area.
Distin, K. (2011). Cultural Evolution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Distin presents a compelling picture of cultural evolution in which cultural information is created and acquired through cognitive mechanisms which discretize information in ways that match the discretizing methods of cultural languages in which the information is shared. Though she does not mention memes in this text, she noted that the m-word could be used when referring to discrete units of cultural information.

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