Learning to Evolve

Learning to Evolve rests on the premise that we can all learn to become more adaptive and evolutionary in our daily lives. Evolution is based on the core mechanisms of variation-selection-retention. Variation is the source of change in any evolving system, and becomes the raw material in the evolutionary process. More adapted variations are selected based on the fit with the changing needs of the environment. In terms of human behavior, we all make choices in anticipation of these extranl selection forces. Finally selection variations need to be retained for the future. Retaining this knowledge allows us to build on the successes of the past. However, the more we rely on this accumulated knowledge the more we can become trapped by the past. Evolving thus involves the continual struggle and tension between the need to explore new ideas, while retaining those which have worked before. Here, we break this process down into three core processes:

- Learning to be Creative

- Making Better Choices

- Retaining Knowledge

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