Making Better Choices (Selection)

In evolutionary systems, variations are selectively retained depending on their fit with the changing external world. However we are not passive participants in this process, as we all have choices to make. The difficulty we face is making the right choices, as we overcome a number of issues.

While we might believe that the choices we make in our lives are rational, most of the time we rely on innate heuristics and biases. These heuristics are simple rules of thumb we use to make sense of situations and make choices. However, they are also deep-rooted and based on biases, which can cause errors of judgment.

Second, our choices are often influenced by those around us. Social pressures to conform and fit the role one plays in different groups further can bias our choices, as those with influence or power can shape the choices we make.

Finally, we travel through life in localised bubbles of concerns. As a result we are affected by, and concern ourselves with localised issues. However many of the longer term issues we face emerge from beyond those bubbles of concerns. Interpreting feedback from the wider world therefore becomes difficult for many of us. Learning to Evolve involves broadening our perspective, and seeing the bigger picture. This can prevent us from being trapped in our localised lives.

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