Experimental Studies

Longitudinal experimental studies allow the researcher to track changes in a phenomenon under controlled conditions. In a group context, and when supported by audio and visual recordings, the emergence and evolution of behaviours through interactions can be studied.

Recommended Readings

Breslin, D., and Jones, C. (2014). Developing an Evolutionary/Ecological Approach to Enterprise Teaching. International Journal of Management Education, 12(3), 433-444.

In this paper, groups of participants completed a series of enterprise challenges over a period of three weeks. The study was through designed to explore changes in group behaviours through interactions over time. All group interactions were audio-recorded and later transcribed. It was found that groups who were invited to interpret the challenges/tasks in terms of variation-selection-retention, developed a more externally-focused view over time. The external focus (i.e. customer viewpoint) increasingly shaped group interactions and behaviours over time.

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